The Doing Nothing Workshop

The pace of life and a constant flow of information makes little or no room at all for embracing stillness and nothingness. We are progressively reducing the time we spend doing nothing and we are losing the ability to face boredom and take time to stop, gain perspective and broaden our minds. In The Doing Nothing Workshop we explore the possibility to stop and understand how we can guide ourselves into nothingness. 

We asked ourselves: how can we slow down and find a pace that is more human?


From standing to playing dead. From moving to being at rest. From talking to total silence. Fading ourselves to nothingness will be the purpose of this session. For two hours we will forget about business, process and numbers and take time. We engage with a sense of losing time, meaninglessness, and doing nothing. We might lose ourselves searching for ants, listening to birds singing, extracting meaning from words, fading into silence. Literally.


  • Gain perspective about space and time and understand how you manage the pace of today’s world.
  • Understand and (re)learn the importance of stopping and learn to redirect your attention and focus.
  • Connect with yourself by disconnecting with the world around you.

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