Designing Tomorrow's Organisational Cultures


A 3-day immersive experience that invites organisation leaders to reflect, project and experiment with hands-on exercises. 

Enabling and inspiring the (re)design of company culture from the perspective of what ultimately becomes the future of work. From possible internal and external scenarios that could directly affect the course of a company as a whole, we challenge participants to explore perspectives and take strategic decisions about the present and future of an organisation.

Designing an organisational culture isn’t a one-shot deal, but a collective and permanent process that is constantly stimulated by each individual within a company. Once sown, a healthy culture can have an impact way beyond the boundaries of the workplace, marrying business relevance & profitability with people’s well-being & social thriving.


  • Share ideas in an open and honest environment and obtain relevant, updated content on the main variables that affect and impact organisational cultures.
  • Gain knowledge and experience of the tools that will help you to positively impact companies and design a relevant culture.

If you want to find out more, check out the course website.


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