Design Bending Futures


A 7-day program organised in 4 different sessions, between two cities – Lisbon and Aix-en-Provence. For leaders who care about and feel the impact of future trends in their industry.

More than a leadership program, a pragmatic futuristic experience. Because today’s leaders should explore and be aware of future trends to understand how these will affect their businesses in the short and long term. And to do so, is to design the future in order to impact the present. Creatively overcome your limits and understand how tools and tech allow us to broaden our perspectives and impact. Because this world, is everyone’s business.

From Lisbon (Portugal) to Aix-en-Provence (France) where we will visit The Camp – the first European campus dedicated to emerging technology and social innovation.

In 4 sessions, we explore trends as inputs for new growth opportunities and improved strategic planning processes. Get ready to get your hands dirty, prototype the future and explore the potential of emerging technologies. Dig deep on the importance of the design discipline in bringing us closer to desirable futures.


  • Bring down barriers, working intensively within a team that will allow you to develop your leadership skills
  • Be immersed in a design and innovation mindset and experiment with design as a tool to change the present and create the future
  • Reinforce a future-trend sensibility and awareness, relating the pace of technology with the pace of people
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