The true importance
of hearing well

Mimi Hearing Technologies, GmbH

User Behaviour
& Digital Product Strategy

What is it like to start losing our hearing? What are the thoughts that go through our mind? The feelings? The fears? For a brand like Mimi, that wants to strive in the hearing technology market, knowing the answers to these questions means getting closer to their targets real needs and understanding how to approach them with relevant answers..

& tools
Actions and Tools

– Ethnography and field research
– Interviews with experts and audiologists
– User interviews with low to mid hearing impairment and relatives


– Online surveys
– Exhibition Visit
– Immersion Day and Empathy Experience

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– User Testing
– Journey maping
– UX Tone definition

Thanks to an in depth approach and a lot of field research we were able to identify the barriers and triggers that affect people with hearing loss.

Sound test. 1, 2, 3…. hello?!
User & Behaviour Research

We like questions. So we kicked off the project trying to find some important answers to “Why don’t people care about their hearing?” and “What’s happening when they do care?”

This is not just an app. It’s a hearing aid in your pocket.
Product & Brand Audit

Here the goal was for people to map how they would perceive the screens in terms of Human/High-tech and Consumer/Professional. Turned out it’s more difficult than we expected! This step helped us document properly the fitting process we did on paper and send some more questions that came out of it to the team, users and audiologists. Ultimately, this work helped us gather insights on what to do next.

You can see that you can’t see. You can’t hear that you can’t hear
Target and Product Analysis

To really get a grasp on what we were dealing with, we interviewed the entire Mimi team, from founders, engineers, designers, operations. We used the app to understand how it works and what that experience feels like for the average user. More on the brand side, we worked on evaluating brand touchpoints and digging more information by doing analogous research.

I go with the doctor. You go with mimi.
Experience Mapping

We defined and mapped a customer journey, considering 3 different entry points – Audiologist, ENT and Mimi. This helped us understand the different steps people have to go through, when dealing with a hearing loss situation, but specially understand how the different Mimi products can be placed and interact with users at different moments. To design and test ideas, we’ve designed the journey map of the fitting process, and tackled some of the pain points we’ve identified during the research. During this process, we were defining an experience roadmap based on our learnings, but at the same time identifying more questions/assumptions that still needed to be validated.

This is today.
But we will do this tomorrow

Actionable Strategy

All the work done until this point helped validate some assumptions and shed some light on what to do next. More research, now with clearer goals in mind and the definition of the Customer Journey Strategy roadmap.

“We loved to work with With Company since they have some of the most creative beings and minds walking around out there. They have the ability to look at products and brands from a holistic design perspective which is very rare to find out there. Working with them means, fun, eye opening moments of inspiration, a overflow of creativity and hard work. They deliver and rock to the moon and back”

Eva-Maria Zoll
Marketing & Communication Manager

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