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Mimi Hearing Technologies, GmbH

A fully immersive
brand creation project

How does a brand that aims to enable everyone to hear well positions itself in the market? Is it a lifestyle brand or a health brand? How must the brand look and talk and to whom? This is the big challenge we were defied to solve.

& tools
Actions and Tools

– Interviews with team and board of directors
– Contextual observation
– Contextual experience
– Brand touchpoints evaluation


– Online search trending
– Online Surveys
– Word Association mapping
– Benchmark


“The easiest introduction to better hearing.” With this differentiating idea, and with an unique brand essence “To make people part of” in mind, the new brand had to be something, well, alive.

Food for…hearing
Brand Audit

We always want to make our clients participate in the birth, or in this case, rebirth of their brand. So we work together. We put out exercises that make them think about what their brand is and wants to be, like benchmark, segment identification and values finding exercises. We also designed a workshop that we like to call “If the brand was”. We created a relaxed space and tried to challenge everyone in the room to find a corporeus definition for the future new brand. Loads of fun, incredible insights. Food for thought.

Left of right
Brand Positioning

One of the difficulties of our Brand Self framework lies in being super precise and spare in the choice of wording. That “humility” exercise helps focus on what’s essential about the brand, leaving the superficial out of the picture. When it comes to deciding on a specific positioning, this is where the s**** hits the fan. But we will share a secret with you? What defines you must be exactly what doesn’t define others. That’s the elementary principle of positioning a brand: identifying what’s so special about you that will ultimately differentiate you from the others.

It should be called Brand Hearing
Brand Vision

Ok, so it took us a biiiit longer to close the brand essence, and ultimately to define the Brand Vision (or Essence) but we’re all happy with the end result. It’s great when something so summed up has the power to resonate with everyone at mimi: “To make people part of”. There. Done.

What’s in a line?
Brand Creation

At a certain point, we had about 20 different moodboards expressing what we already felt for the brand! Then, one particular direction just emerged. It was the one that felt right, for the Mimi team, and for us too. It depicted an alert, lively brand that visually stood out from the crowd by expressing a personality.

Sounds like Mimi
Brand Voice

With the new brand being launched, it was super important to keep branding cohesive in all touchpoints. To assure that, we worked on creating a comprehensive brand book, that could work as an immersion tool for newcomers or an ongoing brand bible for the team. A document that inspires and has the power to convey the brand principles to everyone on the team, from a coder to a sales rep’. It required a lot of research, fun brand voice exercises and even a little time travelling, as we felt the need to go back to the very start of the creative process.

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