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Active Pharmacy Advisors

After a big crisis hit the pharmaceutical market a couple of years ago, many Communitary Pharmacies lost clients and profit and drowned into a depressive level. There was one solution for it: ask the best advisors to bring the business back to life.
Phact was born to give pharmacies some of their own remedy, to heal them and help Pharmacy directors reviewing the potential of their businesses.

& tools
Actions and Tools

– Field and desk research
– Pharmacy directors interviews
– Online survey
– Benchmark
– Understanding context and business deep with specialized pharmacists


– Personas
– Business Model Canvas
– Brand Self and Values Finding
– If the brand was


– Website testing
– Journey Map
– Brand Identity and Design
– Website Design and Development

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The young and refreshing company needed to create its own space in an established and conservative market: a name, a brand, an identity and a business model earn it that space.

If we want to heal it, first we must diagnose it
Context Analysis and Understanding

To better understand what we were dealing with, we talked with the Pharmaceutical industry, visited pharmacies and interviewed young and experienced pharmacists. What is the main feeling about all the pharma crisis? What changed in the last years? What are they making to deal with it? The ultimate question was “Do you need any help with the business?”. “Yes, we do!”

Small and super specialized team
Super Shared Process

We had a leaner approach to this challenge, time and team wise. And it was still very tough, demanding and deep because our client was also our colleague. She was always with us in the field, in the desk research and the business model definition. No one would know more about the Pharmacy business than her. Not only because she was the real expert but also because she had some experience in our own process before. Perfect combination of skills!

Materializing the essence
Essence, Approach and Implementation

To build a consistent brand, design must be born from the inside: culture, ideas and vision of the company. We were very sure that our client was indeed the essence of the whole brand and that would give us the biggest advantage of all. It would be natural and easier to implement and push this new business in to the market.

Test before building
Digital Prototype and Website Design

The main touchpoint of our brand would be the website. The best way to test it was to make two raw and simple website prototypes and A/B testing, photography and design to validate with concept would fit better to the right positioning of the brand. Turned out to be a very fast and effective way of testing!

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