Setting the
clock on time

Torres Distribuição

User Research & UX/UI Design

Redesigning Portugal’s luxury watches distributor, digital home

Classic or sportive? Round or Square? Automatic or mechanic? Discovering a watch and influencing a purchase can be quite overwhelming, even for resellers.
By questioning, observing and understanding the purchase behaviour of clients and the guidance and tricks used by resellers during this process, we learned how to structure, prioritize and organize an entire catalogue of 11 brands and around 8.000 references, that facilitates the selling and buying decision-making process.

& tools
Actions and Tools

– User interviews
– Experts interviews
– Observations
– Mystery Shopping
– Online Survey


– Card Sorting
– Navigation flows
– Information Architecture
– User Journey
– Data relation
– Opportunity Mapping


– Sketching
– Dot Voting
– Wireframing
– Prototyping
– User Testing
– Moodboards
– User Interface

Key Features

– Intelligent search
– Product selector/comparison
– Brand/Product presentation generator
– Automatic media wall

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The challenge was to bring an eight year old website back to its prime.
Our goal wasn’t only focused on how it would look, but also on how it would work and the way that could improve the experience of both the customers and the resellers.

A watch directory for whom and what?
User Research

Search, find, copy and paste. These were fundamentally the main actions done by resellers when interacting with the previous website.
Either to learn about product specifications or preparing a “sales pitch” powerpoint presentation, we understood that, for them, the website wasn’t just a directory of watches but rather a tool to guide, facilitate and influence the customer decision-making process.

Smart and accurate,
like a modern Swiss watch

Digital Strategy

Keeping the content rich and updated, categorise searching, narrowing options with filters, facilitating product comparison and creating product presentations where some of the key principles and features identified.
By mimicking some of the offline process behaviours and adding some automation to the process, we were able to re-think and streamline not only the platform management, but mainly, highly improve the process flow of resellers when suggesting a new watch to clients.

Tick-Tock, finding the right pace
Concept & Validation

We’ve sketched, tested and sketched again. Defining user flows, information hierarchy and content arrangement to improve navigation and better define how to fulfil the users goals. Turning ideas into interactive prototypes to gather user feedback, make choices and polish a solution.

From millisecond to pixel perfect
UX/UI Design

Giving the looks on what works. We’ve translated the sketchy prototypes into pixel perfect interfaces.
Both for desktop and mobile, we declined, fine tuned and designed each detail and interaction to match the validated user experience, while aligning it with the brand language. The result? You can find it here and “watch” for yourself:

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