Our city through
our eyes


City Branding
(proactive project)

In February 2013, we decided to create a research team to look to our city of Lisbon with different eyes. Our purpose? To give a new brand to Lisbon. A brand than can be about the city, the people, the architecture and be open to the outside.


Actions and Tools

– Contextual Observation
– 200+ Street interviews
– Empathy tools for perception gathering
– Visual exercises
– SWOT analysis

& tools

– City branding and place branding benchmark
– Geographic mapping of the city
– Stakeholders mapping
– Surveys


We woke up one day and thought:
“Lisbon deserves an amazing brand.”
So, just like this, we gathered a multidisciplinary team of 7 people that quickly grew to 15, on what we hoped would become a global movement. A collaborative, co-design project with the people of Lisbon meant to translate the real perception of the city into a unique brand.

Lisboa, menina e moça?
Research & Benchmark

We wanted to fully understand the concepts related to the project. To do so, we resorted to Design Thinking and Place Branding research – case studies, articles, talks, blogs, websites and immersed ourselves in the theme. We analysed the city symbols and what they meant to people who live there and realized that although they have a recognized historical importance, people didn’t felt super connected to it.

What does Lisbon mean to you?
Stakeholders mapping

In a city, this kind of work can be a never ending story. We tried to collect the maximum information, from common citizens to governmental and cultural entities, and then clusterized it to then draw some conclusions.

Each neighbourhood
has its own narrative


We wanted to collect reaç stories- to unblock conversation, we used a black & white map of the city. From then on, conversation flowed from what would be a good color to represent Lisbon to personal stories that would be related to certain parts of the city.

Heard it through the grapevine
Project Documentation

We launched a blog to document the whole project and to share goals and engagement of the Lisbon community, national and internationally.

The table is set
Frameworking & Prototyping

To gather the opinions and also turn this project in a more open and participative action. We created 2 tools specially designed for this project: A paper place mat, with some fun exercises about “What if the city of Lisbon was”, that could be used in different restaurants and community places around the city. The task neighbourhood framework was developed for sharing tasksand engaging people to take part in the project. It can also be used to share any kind of tasks in any kind of environment.

For more, check the documentation blog:

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