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The Capsule

Validation and product strategy for
a “Messaging the future” web startup.

The Capsule is an internet cloud service where memories from special life events can be stored, sealed and relieved in the future. Record now, relive in 25 years. Turning messages into memories and memories into… well memories (but more meaningful).

& tools
Actions and Tools

– Zero Canvas Kick-Off
– User & Expert Interviews
– Facebook Challenge
– Google Trends
– Google Analytics
– Competitors Benchmark
– Online Perceptions Survey
– Trends & Analogies


– Value Map
– Positioning Matrix
– Scenarios Design
– Mockups & wireframes
– POP App Prototyping
– Journey Map


– Business Model Canvas
– Strategy Roadmap
– Website Flow

From the present and into the future. During 8 weeks we took on an idea, explored it, tested it, validated it, and redefined it, designed a new product strategy, prototyped it, tested it again, and created a service roadmap for implementation.

Me, myself and I
User, Stakeholders & Market Research

Will people video message themselves in the future? For which purpose? What would they feel? How would they react? Starting from the “personal” use case, we explored the “time-capsule” topic, collected opinions from similar experiences, tested the initial concept and benchmarked competitors to learn and test the early and critical assumptions.

From me to others. From goals to rituals.
Validation & Product Strategy

The initial validation has showed us the weaknesses and threats of the concept, but it also provided a sight into opportunities. Based on our findings we created and discussed scenarios to leverage the concept and build relevancy for the identified target users. By shifting from a me-to-me, into a me-to-others solutions and focusing on specific life events that could make the adoption of the solution more repeatable and scalable. Life celebration events, which we called “rituals”.

Celebrate good times c’mon!
Concept Creation & Prototyping

Translating ideas into tangible solutions. From the scenario we choose, we clarified our intentions and crafted a new concept, by creating interactive prototypes that allowed us to further explore the “time-capsule” base concept but with a more objective and meaningful purpose. Celebration events.

Validation 2.0 – A relevancy journey
User Research & 2nd Validation

Back to the field but with a new concept in hands. Focusing on more scalable contexts we extended our research to learn how people plan, experience and document such celebration events. We collected experiences and further analysed the market by benchmarking other competitors and similar services.

From today to tomorrow. From tomorrow to the future
Service Experience & Actionable Strategy

Compiling all the findings, ideas and guidelines, we mapped and designed the end-to-end service experience. From awareness to referral. From present to the future.
Instructing, suggesting and providing actionable recommendations to support the further development and implementation of the solution. We delivered an informed strategy.

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