Is it possible
to food travel?

Eat & Travel

A fully immersive
brand creation and service
design project.

People love travelling. People enjoy trying different gastronomies. What if we could give them both without having to leave town?

Actions and Tools

– In-depth interviews with team
– Journey mapping
– Benchmark
– Research
– Business analysis and business opportunities definition


– Service design
– Concept definition
– Naming
– Branding

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The project founders came up to us with this great idea for a company: to enable virtual touristic experiences. But will it work? How can it work? How should it be called and how should it look?

Flowing like a river
Business Validation

We did a lot of research – eating and travelling included (hello extra 5 pounds!), to understand the desires and motivations of the people who seek similar experiences, and uncover insights on what was lacking or wasn’t being fully fulfilled. Also this project could help promote Portugal as a great touristic destination. So, everything pointed to the direction the business was heading – which was pretty good news.

A brand new way of seeing, tasting and feeling
Service Design

We prototyped the whole experience- being on a real restaurant, that looks like a boat, that takes you through a 120 mn culinary trip down one portuguese river – by bringing it literally in our living room. This helped us define the scope of the business- a different trip and culinary experience every month. The experience would be enhanced by exclusive multimedia content related to that month’s destination, displayed while the customer is enjoying his meal.

Warm like comfort meal

After the concept was defined, it eventually led us to a specific visual mood. The name process took us travelling to different places but ended up being quite simple – Eat & Travel, working as the business self explanation. The visuals are both hip and comfy, mixing nautical elements with wood textures and beautiful pictures and text.

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