Football can be
a science too


Data Visualization
& Branding

For the Dividida project, we were contacted by the responsible of the game data analyst of the Manchester City, Pedro Marques, who teaches masters at FMH in Lisbon. If you are a football fan – as some us here are, you can only start to imagine the excitement around here.

& tools
Actions and Tools

– Concept finding
– Naming
– Identity design


– Data simplification & Infographics
– Editorial layouts & pagination


Dividida is a whole different football reading material. Can we show that football can be analysed from a scientific POV in an appealing way?

Mixed feelings can be a good thing

The name Dividida has its origin in the game itself: it refers to the division between the team and their tactics and the fans, the “bench coaches”. A metaphor to the division between the rational and the emotional aspects of the game, symbolizing the difference between thought out play and what the fans unfounded opinions.

Got the moves like Ronaldo
Brand identity

The identity reflects the meaning of the name, breaking the word in the middle. It was inspired in the game tactics sketches the coaches do. Its dynamic shape reflects the moves the players do. Since Dividida is nothing like the other football publications, the design should also follow that will to be different. We wanted to break the usual football visual codes, related to sports newspapers and magazines.

From Complexity to Visual Simplicity
Content analysis & Infographics

There was many raw data that couldn’t just go on the magazine like data. We had to analize all the raw material and work it into easy, readable and enjoyable information, that could fit the magazine concept.

Digitalizing the game
E-magazine layout

One of the biggest challenges was to make the magazine in an e-format, which is something uncommon in this kind of publications. Since the goal was to generate discussion on a global scale, being online was undoubhtly the way to go.

Dividida has already 3 numbers out and counting. Check it out at

“With Company and their creative team helped us bringing ‘Dividida’ to life! From our original idea to the development and creation of the whole design it was an enthusiastic sharing experience. In the end, we got to a versatile online magazine that approaches football from a different perspective but also visually talks to a wider audience than only the beautiful game fans.”

Pedro Marques
Global Lead, Football Performance
Manchester City – City Football Services

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