Flying over
a genius nest

Tekever Group

Bird-eye view
on a very complex Group

When asked to redesign the new brand architecture and overall rebranding of the Tekever Group, one of the most innovative companies in Portugal, we knew it would have our hands full but never thought it would be such an herculean task. Not that we are complaining, we love ourselves a good challenge!

Actions and Tools

– Business analysis (frameworks and desk research)
– Interviews with CEO’s and collaborators
– Internal communication mapping & processes analysis


– External Online surveys (clients and general public)
– Brand analysis – offline and online
– Internal Online surveys
– Brand perception (frameworks)
– Naming perception (frameworks and online survey)


The Brand Diagnostic was the first dive into the complexity of the Group’s business universe. Inside Tekever there are 7 different companies, from drones to IT platforms and tiny space satellites, that share a singular vision – to enable communications, all the time, everywhere.

Take off
Business & Company Analysis

Rethinking Tekever brand architecture implies not only assessing
what the group is now, but also its future goals, where it wants to be in 10 years, how the different companies relate, their dependency, if they plan to explore other industries. To do so, we needed to be super nosy and snoop around the company’s HQ’s to learn first hand out what are Tekever future plans, or at least, part of them.

“Looks like dog paws”
Brand and Product Analysis

This is just a random quote from one of the surveys but works has an example of the surprising things one can discover when asking the right questions to the right people. Sometimes what we think about our brand isn’t what others are perceiving, at all, being it clients, partners or even collaborators. A rebranding is always an opportunity to take inputs from stakeholders seriously in order to design a brand that will be correctly perceived.

How many are they?
Competition analysis & benchmark

With so many different companies and business scopes, there wasn’t a clear direct competitor we could put our finger on. So what we did was single out the most relevant competitors in all business areas and looked at the main business and brands aspects. We also looked at brands that inspire Tekever and have similar visions and ambitions.

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