Doctor, doctor,
give me
the news…

José Mello Saúde

Patient Experience & Concept Validation

Redesigning the doctor’s office
experience for the pioneering private hospitals group in Portugal.

Public vs Private, Consultation vs Observation, Exposure vs Privacy, Standard vs Personalised, Information vs Education, Sterile vs Human. These were some of the dimensions we’ve explored in order to learn, understand and design a new doctor’s office experience for the new CUF Infante Santo Hospital in Lisbon.

& tools
Actions and Tools

– Mobile Ethnography
– Field research
– Context Immersion
– Journey Map


– Experts interviews: doctors, nurses, management and staff
– User interviews
– Online survey
– Trends & Analogies


– Brand Experience Analysis
– Competitors Experience Analysis
– Co-Creation Workshops
– Role-play


– Prototyping
– Validation Sessions: Board, Management, Doctors, Nurses, Staff, Architects and Engineers
– Actionable recommendations

From a behaviour immersion approach – being a patient, to a cross-collaboration work with the client, we created and validated a new doctor-patient relationship, office space enabled.

Doctor, doctor give me the news…
User & Behaviour Research

Thinking, acting and feeling like a patient. Understanding and observing doctors. Exploring similar, but not equal, contexts (ex. Vets, Car Shops & Spa’s). We’ve dig deep to understand the behaviours and emotions that emerge during a doctor’s visit and how space, technology and staff affect the perception of quality and care in the private health sector.

“Being a hospital we should assume it’s for patients” (Doctor)
Experience Mapping

From choosing what to wear, to scheduling the next appointment after the prescribed exams. What are the “Moments of Truth” that can make or break a patient experience? We created an end-to-end patient journey map, highlighting the pains and gains, translating
experience breaks into actionable opportunities.

From Illness to Wellbeing.
From hospital to hospitality

Concept Creation

What if there were no tables between doctors and patients? What if all the standard offices could be “standardly” different? What if you could really understand what doctors say (and write!)? Building on this and other questions, along with the client, we defined principles, created different scenarios and designed a unique solution.

If you build it, they will test it
Rapid Prototyping

A doctor office made of lego…sorry cardboard. We’ve turned a meeting room into a real scale doctor office, by assembling, combining and pilling simple cardboard boxes. By making real and interactive what could either be an abstract and vague idea visualisation exercise. We’ve learned by building and invited other to experience it.

“It’s a great concept. Let’s test it in real context”
Validation & Actionable Strategy

4 sessions, 40+ people, hundreds of constructive feedback and supporting ideas. We’ve learned what works and what can be improved to bring a new concept to life that helped us to define the design specifications and recommendations for the implementation
of a functional prototype in real context.

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