Lisbon’s innovation scene

Made of Lisboa, Lisbon City Hall

The expression of a Human-Centered City process

Lisbon is the new Berlin, the next Silicon Valley, the next this, the new that. Lisbon was constantly being compared with all this cities leaving little room for Lisbon itself. Sick and tired of this comparisons, we went on a long journey, looking for the essence of Lisbon’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem through co-creation.

The Made of Lisboa platform was named an Official Webby Awards Honoree of 2017
& tools
Actions and Tools

– Kickoff framework
– Field and desk research
– Contextual, experts and users interviews
– Immersive experiences and field observations
– Vox pop perception
– Digital co creation tool (real time data collector)


– Super Sprint session (prototyping viable platform features)
– Online surveys
– Surveys statistical analysis
– Clustering
– Co-creation workshops
– Users experience
– Personas


– Benchmarking analysis (brand and platform)
– Mockups & wireframes (MVP)
– Communication strategy (social media)
– Brand touchpoints evaluation
– Online search trending
– Analogous competitors research


– Stakeholder and context mapping
– Visual research
– Moodboards
– Sketching
– Typography analysis and font creation
– 3D digital tool (Made of Rubik digital tool)


– Identity strategy and positioning
– Brand voice definition
– Community activation
– Development tools (platform implementation)

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This special space (brand and platform) needed a real identity and useful digital tools that could be aligned with what the future was holding for the city of Lisboa.

Lisbon is not the next Silicon Valley?
Lisbon is not something else.

Context Analysis & Problem Definition

Finding the real problems behind the problems. To go beyond things because we don’t take for granted first assumptions or feelings. This could misrepresent the real questions so, therefore, we make more questions by analyzing the all context with the client with our kickoff tool. Starting point: “Why is everybody comparing Lisbon with other cities? Why Lisbon, can’t be Lisbon?”

Our looks, like our city
Brand Validation & Implementation

Brand position
The brand took off from the city hills. The way it shapes us and how we shape the city was the motto for building the logo. This new Community of Lisbon-based innovators it was meant to be the link that connects the city and the ecosystem. It should be the reflection of an entrepreneurial mind in a city like Lisboa. The essence of the city + the innovative minds = brand identity.

Naming & typography
The naming process took us to more than 300 different names. Made of Lisboa was the proper allegory for this new Lisboa, where things take “of”, where business are made “of” everything that involves this restless city. The article is an expression and a link, an extension and a reception of the city essence. We ended finding the right words for this community. We even created a specific font drawn from Rubik. The city “handwriting”, where the word Lisboa sits on three of the seven hills of the city (São Roque, São Jorge and São Vicente) and the letters undergo a slight deformation, resulting from the steep slope of the hills.

Brand voice & vision
The entrepreneurial ecosystem cannot live without the city itself. The brand, and it’s voice had to carry that. The diversity of spaces, people and businesses are the perfect alliance between the city and its individuals because Lisboa is Made of People Made of Startups Made of Innovators Made of Pastéis de Nata Made of Seven Hills Made of Desenrascansos Made of diversity Made of Inclusion Made of Future… so, vision and voice are Made of portuguese sayings mixed with good english (we speak good english!), the mood is informal, inclusive, relaxing.

Our needs, like our city
Platform Validation & Implementation

Platform design & layouts
The main purpose of this platform? To organize, attract, connect and inform the community, this were the main findings that came out of the research. We built the first mockups and tested them with the community. UX and UI were ready to shine on this new platform aligned with its brand identity (spontaneous, evolving, empowering, alert, diverse, cooperative).

Platform features
The players are visible to everybody. No hide and seek! You get to know them by name, by face, by actions and they have the tools/resources to act (events, companies, spots, news, resources, glossary, analytics, cases, tips and quotes). The different features are aligned with the city values and the best example of that, is the Best Practice Guide, that anyone in the community can build upon in a crowdsourcing way. We made the platform participative and brightly visible, just like Lisboa.

Our destiny, like our city
Envisioning & Future Strategy

Resilient, flexible, ongoing, restless, forecasting, inclusive, broad. Made of Lisboa will have to continue to evolve. The new features that were collected, but not developed, might see the daylight in a near future. The community will grow and it will get different, just like the city, just like Made of Lisboa and to face that it should be Made of Future, always aligned with the community and the city.

People are the real connectors
Community Activation & Involment

We were aware that people were the real community connectors so, we had to be near them by activating new ways of proximity. Live Streaming Sessions were brought to the daylight. Visiting different players and giving them the opportunity and the visibility to present themselves. If you don’t know, you don’t go, right!

We gave the community a brand, a voice and a new “space”. Each one reflected the work and the findings during this long process, side by side with this prodigious community. This was going to be their new expression, their new home to live, to work and to welcome those who wanted to be part of it.

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