When a name
can give
you wings


A new branding for a brand
new way to get hired

In the IT market, where there is more demand than offer, how do you drive a candidate to change jobs? This is the big question that we were challenged to answer.

& tools
Actions and Tools

– Interviews with team, board of directors and workers
– Contextual observation
– Portugal and Germany
– Contextual experience
– Brand touchpoints evaluation


– Online search trending
– Online Surveys
– Word Association mapping
– Benchmark
– Name Finding creative workshops

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The bold yet playful new identity, together with the tagline “Aim for more”, help convey a human-based, provocative and aspirational brand,
that raises rhetorical questions: “Do I aim for more? Should I?”

Brand Audit

What is this brand about? In which market does it compete? Who are the key players? We need to have a overall picture of the business to move on to the next step.

User & Behaviour Research
+ Target Mapping

Most times, desk research just isn’t enough. To really get the feel of things, one needs to get his butt off the chair and go talk to people. What are the behavioural triggers that motivate a techie to change jobs? We used ours and the client’s networks to learn about needs, motivations, attitudes and desires. We talked to people in Lisbon, off course, but also in Berlin, one of the busiest tech capitals in Europe.

Brand Positioning

This wasn’t exactly a piece of cake, mainly because the brand operates as a two sided market place, making it more difficult to pinpoint which was really the main target. Ultimately, the brand choose to aim the candidates. Because in the end, referral and the way the company handles the whole recruitment process is what sets the company apart. It all boils down to being the only company that gets you the most fitting tech job in the most human and straightforward way.

Brand Vision

The statement that ultimately drives the company. In this case, it could only be “ There’s a human way to land a tech job”.


Following a thorough research, we realized that the name needed a change too. After some digging around – -we went to bed thinking of this and more than 700 name options later, the name Landing.jobs pretty much landed on our hearts after some mixed teams brain-picking. In the end of the day, that’s what the company does (and well) – to connect the best candidates with the best jobs in tech.

Brand Creation

We’ve traveled to the moon and back to bring this brand to life. We began by stepping into the unknown and explored every land our feet could step on to give the brand a kickass look.

Brand Voice

An important part of a brand that is sometimes left for last. The brand voice should help defy our core target – tech professionals who are comfortable at their jobs, and motivate them to take risks and challenge themselves. We can say Landing speaks almost like a train. A TGV one! We achieve this energetic rhythm by using short sentences the imperative form and wording that convey a boldy and courageous attitude towards life.

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