A new name to do a better job.


With Landing.jobs (formally Jobbox.io)


Create an active, strong voice of reason in the tech job market, where there is more demand for professionals than there is supply.


Brand audit, new naming and tagline, paired with a bold new vision, brand voice, and a brandbook.

Landing.jobs (formally Jobbox.io)
16 weeks
Research, Naming, Brand Strategy, Brand Design
Francisco Dias, Rui Quinta, Tiago Nunes,

Lorena Wildering

Our role


Develop a candidate-driven brand to match the candidate-driven marketplace.


Define the brand’s core values and brand voice.

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To create a brand that resonated with tech professionals, and that made them question whether they are applying and developing their skills to the fullest.

But, in an industry where there are not enough professionals to fill the increasing number of vacancies, how can you drive those who can fill them to switch jobs?


From company benchmarking to creative workshops with several stakeholders, our team was fully immersed in finding out what life is like not just as a tech professional, but also as a recruiter who is desperate to hire one.

By analysing the key messages and graphic positioning of the startup’s main competitors, we were able to understand how soon-to-be Landing.jobs could stand out from the noise.

An anonymous survey helped us figure out what makes tech professionals wake up in the morning and go to work, as well as their perception about the process of finding a new job.

Talking to tech professionals in Lisbon and Berlin gave us a deeper understanding of their needs, motivations, attitudes, and desires. It also helped us figure out what are the behavioural triggers that motivate them to switch jobs.

The leadership team was a truly passionate bunch, and that passion was imprinted on their own employees. Talking to them helped us understand the company’s mission and vision.


People engaged

through an online survey



with candidates & employers


Companies benchmarked


In-depth observations

In Lisbon & Berlin


We began by stepping into the unknown and explored every land our feet could step on to give the brand a kickass look.

Involving the leadership team and a few employees to take part in the creation of the new brand – through creative workshops – generated a high level of commitment and excitement. All of us were contributing and seeing a new brand flourish from the ground up.



Names brainstormed


Brand values defined


Shortlisted names


Brand design proposals


New brand

At the end of the day, the company’s core mission is to connect the best candidates with the best jobs in tech. It’s what they do best, and it became immortalised in their very name, with a bold, solid, and confident brand to go along with it.

The underlined “L” and the extensive colour palette gave the company the means they needed to take the brand to the next level. They, too, could “aim for more” with their new identity.


We helped the brand to pinpoint their vision: “there’s a human way to land a tech job”. That human way is the Landing.jobs way. We also defined a brand voice to challenge tech professionals who are comfortable in their jobs to take a risk and to challenge themselves.

The new brand was out in the open just before Landing.jobs’s first edition of the Landing Festival, a career fair unlike any other, with:

  • 600 tech professionals
  • 30 top employers
  • 1 sardine launched into space

The Landing Festival was the first big opportunity to show the new brand. The Landing.jobs team embraced their new name with pride and, suddenly, the underlined “L” was everywhere:

  • on t-shirts and hoodies
  • stamped on skin
  • flapping on a boat flag

The bold yet playful new identity, together with the tagline “aim for more” encourages tech professionals to question themselves: “Do I aim for more? Should I?”

Since the rebranding, the company became a reference in the tech recruitment market. It is trusted by thousands of tech professionals all over the world and helps them get hired by world-renowned companies and startups like TravelPerk, FREENOW, N26, Sky, and Volkswagen Digital Solutions.

The company is also currently organising the sixth edition of Landing Festival in Lisbon and the third edition in Berlin.


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